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I’m Dena and I’ve been dancing as far back as I can remember— it’s always been a lifeline for me.


People frequently tell me that there’s something about my energy that inspires them. So I decided that if Hashem gave me these abilities, then I have an obligation to use them!

I have always been passionate about dancing, and once I did Tshuva I decided to channel that koach to helping others access their joy and feel good about themselves.

I am Certified as a Fitness Instructor since 1998, Personal Trainer and Aqua Fitness Instructor since 2007, and Zumba Instructor since 2011.

Aside from all the health benefits included in aerobic exercise, training, and making time for YOU- my aim is to create an experience where what energizes the BODY simultaneously ignites the SOUL! I offer an invigorating workout using Funky Jewish Music to activate you; you'll feel your soul expand as the music penetrates to your core and moves you into action! You will be at ONE with yourself and feel great!


Whether you’re here to find out about class details, begin training with me, or have me bring energizing simcha and ruach to your party, you will find it all here.


Please feel free to contact me with your questions, requests, interests and ideas for me!

Looking forward to meeting you!



















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