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These are my current classes - OR - start a class with your friends or  at your seminary:

Custom-made to your fitness needs and personal taste. I can do Zumba (with Jewish motivating, funky music of course) as well as interval Zumba that incorporates muscle training in with the cardio workout. If you just want toning, or aerobics with less dance I can do that as well. Just let me know!



"Dena's classes are amazing for me.  I knew I really needed to get fit, but was having trouble getting the motivation to get out and take a walk often enough.  Then I found out about Dena's classes.  They have been amazing for me!  Not only have I gotten much fitter, but I have a great time too!  I really enjoy Dena's music choice as well.  She uses Jewish music, and dancing to music with good words gives me a lift, puts me in a good mood, and I leave with the world a happier place for me. Thank you Dena!"

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